The must haves every man should be packing this spring
You may think that traveling is allot of fun, or something you have to do for your work. But traveling is something of a ninja skill you have to master, a rich fine art that relies upon conveying the correct instruments in the ideal place at the ideal time. So what does it mean to travel efficiently? You never need to stop at security, or need to bungle around in your pack, and you never wind up missing something. Likewise, clearly, you get to wherever it is you're going on time. It takes...
The hottest looks and news; London Fashion week 2018
Models, editors, Insta-stars and bloggers bundled up while showing off under the grey skies of London. The first London Fashion Week of 2018 is upon us and there are a number of things we at Milani Clothing Company are excited about. Will the different trends from last season come into play this February? Will we see more new designers take centre stage? Here’s what we’re looking out for:
Milan Fashion week Men's FW 2018
Often when consult our favorite publications for all the latest in trends from Fashion Week, we see images of designer gowns, long legged models, and of course, Anna Wintour sitting front and center at all the major shows. However, we all know there’s also another extremely important component of Fashion Week: menswear. Today, in order to shine some light back onto the trendy gentleman of the world, we’re going to talk specifically about Milan Fashion Week, Menswear.
Our top 5 fashion models of 2017
New year, new models. Or in some instances, veteran models who are still able to remain relevant. Yes, today we’re going to be chatting about our top five fashion models of 2017, both male and female. But, we’re doing so with a twist! We’ve compiled this list to reflect models in all various stages of their career. We have some high fashion runway models, while we also have more down-to-earth models, more well known for their stylish magazines covers. One thing we know for certain about all...